Legends of the Middle Empire

The Darkened Dagger in Shu


When the river dries,
the leeches become unhidden,
writhing from the lack of bounty.


Lord Yang and his vassals entered the imperial capital as the Emperor lays on his death bed. The major clans have been called to the capital to pay respects to the departing Emperor and swear fealty to the heir apparent.


Upon entering the capital, the Chancellor Bei Weidao greets Lord Yang with the welcome party in order to deliver news and a request for aid from him. A couple of young lords in Yang’s retinue began acting dishonorably and was quickly chastised by the Datu.

It was revealed that the head of the Shu clan, a major clan of the banking caste, had been murdered and lord Yang was asked to intervene. Lord Yang tasked Metsuke Uesugi, Scholar Deng and others with investigating the crime and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Blades of Assassins

It was deduced that external assassins had killed the former leader of the Shu clan and that they had begun to start rumors of an eminent collapse of the bank.


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