Wisdom is knowing your role and exceeding expectations at performing it. The fool seeks other roles without mastery of one.
- Lao Jiao

In the Empire the Castes define each citizen’s role within the nation from birth to death. While each individual may have free reign to expand their influence within their caste, stepping out into the purview of other castes is taboo.

When the first Emperor, Zhuang Shi, formed the empire and made a pact with Joong Shen, he realized that keeping the empire together after his passing would be a monumental task. Emperor Zhuang redefined his society into his grand vision of stability within the realm through birth defined castes. With the subdivided roles, power would be diffused in such a way that it’d be difficult to gather clans of several castes together
to challenge the crown.

See for character creation for more information regarding honor.

1: You may forfeit your honor bonus for a small village which produces 400 Koku a year. See Coinage for more information.

2: Choose one of the four major banking clans as long as you maintain good standing with them, you have access to lines of credit as long as you can convince the bank of the investment.


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